New Album!

Just Listen.

This album couldn’t have dropped at a better time. No strategic promo push, no spectacle, no funding, no major label, no marketing team, no bots, just a trusted process, and a belief that your people may connect with this music as a listener in a similar way that we connected with ourselves as the creators.

It incapsulates us, two life-long friends who have been creating music together for over 20 years, but have not seemed to collaborate on a full project up until now. We have been business partners since 2006 when we opened the doors to Beatbox Studio and finally, we have merged creatively as emcee and producer to bring to you “Legacy”. We pieced this thing together during these extremely challenging times. The last couple of years, while we have been surviving a global pandemic, we found safety within the walls of our recording studio and discovered comfort in sharing our struggles and insecurities.

To say that creating this album has been an emotional experience is an understatement. It was our outlet to continue to thrive as men who have spent decades attempting to create something from nothing and become somebody from nowhere. We are artists. During possibly the craziest time in our lives, we found a way to thrive. Can you, the listener, hear our story through the music? As part of our process, we learned how to hear it and stopped being afraid to share it. This album is truly made for us, but we proudly present it to you. It has been our therapy and we hope it provides you some comfort in knowing that we are all sharing this human experience. None of us have it figured out, and that is okay.

This project is a goal reached in our musical careers, a check off of the bucket list, a true milestone. It has become more than just a collection of songs, it is teaching us, in real time, what is most important in life… and that is creating memories with friends and family. Let this be your soundtrack.

Chachi Carvalho is a multi-talented artist and educator who comes from a long line of musicians and singers. He is a native born-and-raised Rhode Islander with roots that stem from the islands of Cabo Verde.  He is locally recognized for community advocacy, education, and youth empowerment in the communities he serves. 

Chachi has found tremendous success through directing his musical pursuits towards his families native land, Cabo Verde. He was able to re-energize his music career and find many opportunities to travel and perform in Cape Verde and throughout the diaspora. Through engagement with artists, producers and promoters in Cape Verde, Chachi was able to take advantage of the Cape Verdean festival circuit that hosts roughly 60 music festivals annually between the 10 islands of this beautiful and culturally rich island nation.